19 Acres For Sale – Hwy A, Town of Center, WI

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Land for sale in the Town of Center • Wisconsin

Total Price: $258,720 / Per Acre Price: $13,200

Description: These 19 acres for sale consist of very highly productive farmland. The land is well drained. The location of this property near the City of Appleton and the mostly very high terrain, make it highly suitable for potential residential development as well. A grain bin Co-Op is located adjacent directly to the west of this property making for a very short haul for crops. There is also a convenience store as well as a bar & grill next to this property. The property is located on County Rd A, also known as Lynndale Dr. in Appleton and is less than 10 miles from Hwy 41 Appleton which is a major state highway with direct access to Green Bay and Milwaukee. This 19 acre parcel available for purchase at $13,200 per acre is just one of 5 parcels totaling 204 acres being sold at intersection of County Rd A and Center Valley. The sellers are willing to sell each parcel separately or as a 5 parcel package. Also available for sale are 68 acres in the NE corner available for purchase at $9,975 per acre, 17 acres in the SE corner available for purchase at $12,750 per acre, In the SW corner there are two parcels available. The east parcel of 43 acres is available for purchase at $8,995 per acre. The west parcel of 54 acres is available for purchase at $7,925 per acre.

Information provided for general information only; if material should be verified by user or qualified expert. *Taxes may not include all assessments or fees. Buyer should verify total square footage, acreage/land, building/room dimensions if material. Below-grade areas may not meet building code requirements. Equal Housing Opportunity Listing.

Price: $258,720 USD
County:Outagamie County
Property Type:Agricultural / Commercial
Lot size:19.6 Acres

Location Map