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Wieckert Real Estate

Appleton • Wisconsin

Who we are:

Wieckert Real Estate is a small independent real estate company where we specialize in agricultural real estate, vacant land development and industrial non-metallic mining operations.  Our knowledge of agricultural properties and the ag community sets us apart from other local real estate businesses.  We also own and operate two local large sand pits. 

Where we began:

The merger of “Wieckert” and “Real Estate” dates back to the 1940’s when U.W. Madison student Kelly Wieckert would hitch hike home on weekends from Madison to the Wieckert Family Farm in the Town of Center.  On one such occasion Kelly was offered a ride by Howard McCarthy, owner of H.F. McCarthy Real Estate in Appleton.  The story begins . . .

Upon graduating from U.W. Madison, Kelly joined McCarthy Real Estate where he, Howard McCarthy, Wally Long and John Karel comprised the entire H.F. McCarthy Real Estate team in an office on College Ave. in Appleton. 

Upon the passing of Howard McCarthy in 1960, Kelly and his fellow realtors Wally Long and John Karel established Long, Wieckert & Karel Real Estate, specializing in farm sales and auctions. Together they built the office complex that still is home to Wieckert Real Estate at 3033 W. Spencer St. Appleton.

As his prominence in the industry grew, Kelly Wieckert eventually opened his own real estate office, Wieckert Real Estate.   Kelly’s wife Betty joined him in the business and together they were quite a team as they developed subdivisions, operated 2 active sand pits, and continued to sell local farms.  Kelly and Betty’s most prized project was bringing the Fox River Mall to Appleton.

Their 3 children, Steve, Jeff and Carla also all became licensed realtors and all worked for Wieckert Real Estate for a few years in various capacities.   Eventually Jeff and Carla had other career opportunities that took them on different paths.

In more recent years with Steve having taken over the reins, Kelly in his 80’s continued to come into the office on a daily basis until he unexpectedly passed away in 2007. 

Today, Steve Wieckert carries on the family real estate business which began over 70 years ago with a chance encounter between a young college man and an accomplished real estate broker.


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